The Night light gets more 3 yr old trust

“I’ll work wherever the greatest need is..” I said to our Children’s Ministry Coordinator in Church, a few weeks ago after my application was reviewed and accepted. I had worked in Children’s Ministry years ago and defying sense(?) quit after God made good on His promise to Kayode and I -and then got busy being … More      The Night light gets more 3 yr old trust


My husband and I used to call our children our joy and peace respectively many years ago when they were 5; and when they were two we called them terrific two. How is it that what was meant to be one of the fulfillments of a woman’s existence now has a monetary value/tag? Then I was … More Mater


“Spring fling” and my ankle began to swell before my eyes. I don’t remember at what point while running after my kids I twisted it but I knew the newfound resolve to shed the 10 Ibs I gained over 4 months starting during the Christmas season was in jeopardy. I eat the same way and … More Disencumbered